Final Animation

Director: T.J. Misny
Producer: Melissa Buisán, Alanna Sulz
Art Direction: Nico Speziali
Project Lead: Nico Speziali
Storyboard: Phyo Thu, Emily Pritchard
Illustration: Martin Orza, Felipe Medina
2D Animation: Adam Glucksman, Linus Nelson
Collage Animation: Adam Glucksman
3D Character Design: Emily Pritchard
3D Animation: Callum Mudgway, Emily Pritchard, Matic Grgic
3D Rigging: Callum Mudgway, Peter Hillier
3D Lighting and Rendering: Nico Speziali
Compositing: Nico Speziali
Cell Animation: Hamish Palmer, Linus Nelson
Editing: Phyo Thu, Linus Nelson
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